Who we are

Hi, as a new church in Camborne we’re joining with other local churches to show our community who Jesus really is and what his church can really be.

We meet regularly every Sunday morning at 10 am here at the Donald Thomas Centre, Chapel street, in the centre of Camborne and everyone and anyone is welcome to join us.

The King's ArmsWe are right at the start of our journey as a new church family and its going to be an exciting adventure.

We’re not a perfect church and we don’t claim to be perfect people, We’ve not yet arrived at the place where we are big enough to meet everyone’s needs. Who knows you may actually be the answer to that need. If you’re looking for a perfect church that can fully meet your needs – I’m afraid that won’t be us.

As Christians our desire is to love God and love each other – One of the best things about the church is that it’s a family, a community of all sorts of people drawn together, being a family learning what it means to really love one another from the heart . it’s challenging but, also hugely rewarding.

Some of us at the King’s Arms didn’t grow up in the church but, came to faith later on. Back then I wouldn’t have known where to start or who to ask. Even if I was interested in faith (which I wasn’t) I would have been quite nervous of asking.

We want to help people who are curious about faith, explore the Christian faith in a safe environment, where their views are respected and they are valued as people. Where their questions can be asked, where there aren’t any ‘no go zones’ and where there is no pressure. As that is what I would have wanted…

CamborneWe are simply a group of people who know what it is to be accepted, forgiven and loved by God just as we are!

And we want to serve our community & share what that love feels & looks like.

Why don’t you come and join us on our journey and share the adventure of building a new church for Camborne and it’s area together.

We would love to hear from you & meet you, give us a call any time on 01209 807 645

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