WOW Life Choices

Walk On Water Life Choices is a community initiative that exists to help isolated and disadvantaged people rethink their lives and find ways forward.

We help people progress into work and learning using a program resource pioneered in Southampton over ten years ago. The program boasts a 75% progression rate into further learning and employment, an incredible achievement when you consider that the program works with the hardest to reach and most excluded people – most of whom suffer from chronic low self-esteem, isolation and lack of motivation.

Our Life Choices program combines the challenge, fulfilment and fun of water sports activities, individual coaching and group exercises. This free to participants program is provided in the local community over 12 weeks (5 weeks of 2 days and 7 weeks of 1 day) with lunch provided for the participants.

Our aim is to help people;

Gain confidence

Take control of their lives

Make life changing choices

Our key outcomes are;

Reduced depression and anxiety

Employability and motivation

Jobs and learning

Resilience and lasting change

We would love to hear from you & meet you, give us a call any time on 01209 807 645

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